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European expansion

Posted by Patrik Yngver on 2017/07/20

Operations are expanding on European destinations, new destinations from July 1st:

  • Montreal - Berlin/Tegel (EDDT / A332)
  • Montreal - Hamburg (EDDH / A332)
  • Montreal - Leipzig/Halle (EDDP / A332)
  • Montreal - Luxembourg/Findel (ELLX / B788)
  • Toronto - Goose Bay - Faroe Islands (EKVG / B736)
  • Montreal - Brussels (EBBR / B77W)
  • Toronto - Brussels (EBBR / B77L)
  • Vancouver - Brussels (EBBR / B788)

Stay tuned for more additions!

Moscow airport change

Posted by Patrik Yngver on 2017/01/04

As per 1/1 2017 all flights to and from Moscow will now use Sheremetyevo airport (UUEE) instead of Domodedovo airport (UUDD).

New flights to KDCA

Posted by Patrik Yngver on 2015/06/23

Thanks to US Pre-clearance in many Canadian airports, we can now offer direct flights to Washington DC, Reagan Natl Airport from Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver! Get into DC as quickly as possible with these services aboard one of the 737's operating the schedules. Flight times varies from about an hour to roughly five hours for Toronto and Vancouver respectivly.

Good bye, old friend!

Posted by Patrik Yngver on 2015/02/05

As of today, Feb 2nd 2015 the B767-200 fleet has been retired, being replaced with the Airbus A330-200 for most routes, while some routes will be handled by the Boeing 757-200 or the Boeing 737-900ER. The 762 have served NCAS well, but all things must come to an end and with the 767-300 being moved over to Asia a few years ago, the B787-8 having been introduced along with the A330-200 now, the time has come for the -200. For now they will be used for charter flights until most likley being converted into freighters and/or being sent over to Asia for pax operations.

It is, of course, still permitted to use the B767 on any route where it could be used, instead of another aircraft if the pilot feels like it, but in the schedule, it is no more.

It is here!

Posted by Patrik Yngver on 2013/11/13

The route from Vancouver direct to Stockholm / Arlanda. The flight time is estimated to around 9 hours aboard the Boeing 777-200LR and will be flown three times a week starting Dec 1st. The use of the 77L will allow to interchange aircraft with the Montréal - Stockholm - Tehran flight operated daily.

Give yourself an early Christmas gift and fly to the Capital of the Nordics!

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